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Water: The Disi project achieves the pumping of one billion cubic meters of drinking water

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publish date 2023-07-12 20:18:39

Today, Wednesday, the Minister of Water and Irrigation, Eng. Muhammad al-Najjar, accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Erdem Ozan, and the Ambassador of the French Republic, Alex Lecoeur Granmaison, and a number of water officials, inspected the facilities of the Disi pumping station in the Qastal area, to celebrate the project’s reaching of one billion cubic meters within 10 years.
The minister said that this vital project is one of the pioneering projects that contributed to maintaining the stability of the water supply and securing the water needs of citizens in various regions to face the increasing pressures of scarcity of water resources and the increase in population as a result of successive migrations and the regional conditions the region is going through.
He pointed out that the Disi project is one of the strategic projects that supply the water budget with 100 million cubic meters / year of water, expressing his thanks and appreciation to those in charge of the project and to the partners in Turkey and France and the donors who supported the project.
Turkish Ambassador Erdem Ozan said that the project is an indication of the fruitful cooperation between Turkey, France and Jordan, stressing his aspiration to strengthen this partnership in the long term to achieve water security in Jordan.
In turn, French Ambassador Alex Lecoeur Grandmaison expressed his happiness with this project, especially since the Jordanian-French cooperation over 50 years amounted to about $2.4 billion in the fields of water, energy, environment and others in the form of loans, grants and financing for the implementation of several projects, stressing the intention of the French Agency to support the national carrier project.
The project consists of 55 wells and conveyor lines to bring the water to the National Park station in Amman, after which it is re-pumped to several areas through the Dabouq and Abu Alanda reservoirs, which are managed, operated and maintained by Diwako and Disi Amman for operation and maintenance.
Eng. Rami Abu Rawaq, Acting Secretary-General of the Water Authority, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gamma Energy Huck Ozman, CEO of the Middle East and North Africa of Veolia Philippe Bordix, Chairman of Gamma Board of Directors Tamer Chilcher, General Manager of Diwaco and Desi Amman Company for Operation and Maintenance participated in the tour.

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