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Significant increase in electricity bills

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publish date 2023-07-12 11:25:39

The National Society for Consumer Protection has received complaints from citizens related to a significant and exaggerated increase in the value of electricity bills. In some cases, the rate of increase has reached 100%, if compared with previous months, especially since the majority of citizens follow a policy of forced rationalization in their use of electrical appliances.

Dr. Muhammad Obeidat, President of the Association, said in a press statement today, we expected that there would be no new increases in the values ​​of household bills, especially after the application of the tariff subsidized by the government. Electricity, especially at this time of the year, because the temperatures did not rise significantly, so that there would be excessive loads on the electricity networks.

Dr. Muhammad Obeidat added that this unjustified increase by the company will constitute a great burden on citizens who suffer from difficult economic conditions, and therefore a large part of citizens will not be able to pay the value of their household bills, and thus cut off electricity from their homes, which will cause them great losses, not to mention the psychological harm that will be inflicted on them. As a result of the power outage from their homes.

Dr. Obeidat criticized the policy adopted by the company in dealing with complaints and observations of citizens, as citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the negative way in which they are dealt with by the company and the failure to deal with these complaints seriously and not to give them clear and convincing answers and not to take appropriate measures to address the apparent imbalance in the values ​​of these bills.

Dr. Obeidat called on the Electricity Distribution Company for a scientific explanation for this increase in the price of the electricity bill, and if there is an increase, it must be clear, transparent and justified for all segments of society that have witnessed a significant change in the prices of the electricity bill three months ago, as the increase ranged from 30% to 100%. .

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