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#Dima_represents me.. Broad solidarity with Tahboub against gay groups

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publish date 2023-07-12 15:39:42

Oman – compass

Social media platforms in the Kingdom witnessed widespread solidarity with former MP Dima Tahboub, following an incitement campaign against her by groups that support “gays.”

Activists, politicians, and tweeters expressed their full solidarity with the leadership of the Islamic Action Front party, following the campaign against it by these groups.

They affirmed their support for Tahboub in its steps to support and defend common sense, amid attempts to include homosexuals in Jordanian society, amid the support of Western organizations.

Former MP Hoda Al-Atoum expressed her support for Dima Tahboub, stressing that the Jordanian people will not fail to support and support the defenders of Islamic instinct and morals in the face of abnormal horizons.

Activist Riyad Al-Sunaid said, “Tahboub has a major role in defending the values, traditions and religion of Jordanian society in the face of deviant morals and common sense, advocates of striking the sound constants of our society.”

For its part, the Islamic Action Front party denounced, today, Wednesday, the campaign of incitement, abuse and threats by groups that the party described as “suspicious perverts alien to Jordanian society,” through social media against former MP Dima Tahboub.

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