If you like to wear a printed T-shirt, different ways to coordinate it with your outfits in an elegant way

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Every girl wants to look elegant and modern by choosing new and different clothes all the time, and there are many clothes in every girl’s wardrobe, from which she can choose everything that suits her. There are some pieces that the girl has and she does not know how to invest them in clothes and make them different every time by wearing them in a certain style, such as a graphic and printed T-shirt, and to know how to wear it in different and elegant ways, you can follow the following report, according to the “”theeverygirl“.

Different ways to wear a printed T-shirt:

Printed Crop Top with Straight Leg Jeans:

The girl can wear a printed T-shirt with a “crop top” and high-waisted jeans with straight legs, with a choice of black shoes. This look is suitable for spring and summer, for casual outings to feel comfortable and glamorous.

Over straight jeans

Printed T-shirt with Blazer:

It is easy for a girl to wear a printed T-shirt by wearing it under a tight or oversized blazer, which gives the look an aesthetic and elegant look, while wearing jeans for a casual look that is more than wonderful.

with a jacket

with a jacket

Printed T-shirt with wide jeans:

Another new look is wearing a T-shirt with graphics and prints, and inserting it into jeans, which gives an amazing youthful and modern look, while wearing a bag on the shoulder and choosing suitable shoes to feel comfortable and relaxed.

With a pair of wide jeans

With a pair of wide jeans

T-shirt with a thin skirt:

It is easy for a girl to dress up as a new heroine, by wearing a T-shirt over a long skirt that gives a delicate feminine look, and the colors can be mixed surprisingly with comfortable sports shoes and a matching bag.

delicate skirt

delicate skirt

T-shirt with oversized jeans jacket:

A new, simple, casual look can be created by wearing a loose-fitting printed T-shirt with wide-leg pants. The look is suitable for going out and for a morning coffee, and a wide jeans jacket can be worn to give a stunning look.

With a jean jacket

With a jean jacket

T-shirt with bike shorts:

The girl can choose another look, which is to wear a simple printed T-shirt, and underneath it are sports bike shorts, for a modern look that is ideal for those who want to appear nice without any effort on their part.

With bike shorts
With bike shorts


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