Ghataty thanks the doctors of Södersjukhuset Hospital in Sweden for saving the life of his twin after a 6-month pregnancy

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A medical team at Södersjukhuset Hospital in Sweden succeeded in saving the wife of parliamentarian Ehab Ghattaty, a former member of Parliament for Giza Governorate, and his two daughters, and gave them a new life, as the doctors in the SÖS sochsska department led by Dr.

In performing a delicate surgery and early delivery of the twins “Maryam and Victoria” after a pregnancy period of only 6 months and 3 weeks, and after exposing the mother’s life to great risks, which made doctors in Egypt recommend that the birth be carried out in a hospital in Sweden.

The former parliamentarian said that his wife was surprised during her sixth month of pregnancy that there were pregnancy problems during which Egyptian doctors advised the necessity of an early birth, but the attempts failed due to the fact that the birth was earlier than the specified dates, which may contribute to the exposure of the mother and the twins to health problems.

Ehab Ghatti added that he presented his wife’s problem to professors of obstetrics and gynecology at Cairo University, who recommended a hospital specialized in treating those cases in which women are exposed to premature birth, pointing out that he had coordinated with the hospital administration in Sweden, and he immediately transferred his wife, and the doctors were able to provide She was pregnant for an additional 3 weeks, and she delivered her twins and her recovery is in good condition.

The former parliamentarian, Ehab Ghattaty, thanked the hospital administration and the medical team led by Dr. Josefin Lundström, for making great efforts that showed professional expertise and skills through which she was able to give his wife and two children a new life.


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