Did you hug your baby today? Important benefits of hugging your children that you must know

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Hugging parents for their children is very important, as the child in this embrace feels safe, comfortable, loved and appreciated, and unfortunately many parents do not know the importance of cuddling for children, so he reviews The seventh day, during the following lines, is its most important benefits, according to what was stated on the site Parentingforbrain

The emotional benefits of cuddling your baby

Benefits of cuddling your baby:

Enhances the child’s intelligence:

Touches and hugs are among the things most required for brain development and thinking, and are considered among the best natural sensory stimuli that help the child grow faster and increase his intelligence.

Hugging keeps children healthy

There are many health benefits due to hugging, as it is able to enhance physical health, it helps to increase the hormone oxytocin, its increase leads to strengthening our immune response by lowering the levels of thyroid hormones in the plasma and reducing inflammation, helps in speeding up wound healing, reducing psychological stress and overthinking.

Hugs prevent anger:

Hugging is one of the best treatments for a child’s emotional health, so you can get rid of his anger caused by anxiety and stress by hugging, but hugging without surrendering to the child in order for him to be self-regulated.

Hugging helps with resilience.

Hugging helps children become more resilient by reducing negative affect and unwanted behaviors, and also getting rid of conflicts easily.

Hugging makes the child happy.

Enhances a person’s psychological resources, such as optimism, mastery, self-esteem and individual differences, makes the child permanent positive expectations, makes the child feel love towards the people around him.

Benefits of cuddling for babies
Benefits of cuddling for babies
Benefits of cuddling a child
Benefits of cuddling a child


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