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20% of Jordanians suffer from depression and psychological anxiety

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publish date 2023-07-11 12:32:39

Over the past year, the number of patients at the National Center for Mental Health reached more than 23,000, according to the director of the hospital, Dr. Khaled Al-Hadidi.

Al-Hadidi said that 2,481 patients who visited the center were admitted for treatment due to a medical relapse, indicating that there are 52 clinics distributed among public hospitals, comprehensive health centers, family protection, and reform and rehabilitation centers.

He added that the percentage of mental illnesses among Jordanians is the same as the global percentage that appears in annual statistics. For example, the annual percentage of cases of psychological depression and psychological anxiety in all its forms ranges between 15-20%.

Psychiatric services are provided in the Ministry of Health through the National Center for Mental Health Hospital and its affiliated departments and outpatient clinics spread across all governorates of the Kingdom.

According to Al-Hadidi, the capacity of the National Center for Mental Health Hospital in the main building is 305 families, in addition to the psychological rehabilitation department / dignity, which consists of outpatient clinics and an internal department with a capacity of 175 beds for patients with chronic conditions whose condition has stabilized and they have been rehabilitated in some light professions.

He pointed out that the total number of visitors to the drug rehabilitation department affiliated with the hospital during 2022 amounted to approximately 4,506 patients, with a capacity of 46 beds, in addition to the outpatient/consulting psychiatry department, which is a building consisting of 5 psychiatric clinics, and the judicial department, which can accommodate 142. beds.

As for the costs of treatment, Al-Hadidi affirmed that there is no financial cost for Jordanians who hold the national number and their treatment is free, stressing the availability of psychiatric medications at the Ministry of Health throughout the year.

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