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She limits the use of makeup a lot, especially during the daytime in the summer, due to the high temperatures, and her need to moisturize her skin all the time for fear of exposure to problems of dehydration and harmful sunlight, but everyone uses the minimum amount of makeup, to get an elegant and simple look, at least By wearing lipstick, but the challenge becomes how to maintain its presence and stability for as long as possible in this hot season, and this is what the seventh day reviews, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.mindbodygreen“.

Fixed lipstick

Lip preparation

Every girl should know that her lips, like any other part of her skin, need care and attention, and she deserves her own routine. You cannot apply foundation cream on an unwashed and unmoisturized face, and the lips also must be moisturized daily and momentarily, and peeled once a week, in order to be prepared before applying lipstick.

Lip peeling

Exfoliating the lips helps smooth fine lines, which prevents lipstick from smudging during application, with the necessity of moisturizing to maintain the freshness of the lips, and treat fine cracks, and it also helps to improve water retention in the lips.


Define lips

To keep lipstick from smudging or wiping off easily, a lip liner is your best friend, as a lip liner, made of wax which is more stable, keeps the lipstick on for a long time as it heats up.

Blend the highlighter with the concealer

To ensure even more hold, you can make your lip liner work more by combining it with more concealer, just apply the concealer lightly around the lips and blend it into the shading outwards, this creates an outer barrier, which you will then work inside with your lip liner, as for the lip liner Same, so look for the same color of lipstick to be identical.

Fixed lipstick
Fixed lipstick

Touch as needed

There are many people who make the mistake of wiping the lips together after applying lipstick, believing that it will be more stable and penetrate into places that the lipstick did not reach, and this method is wrong and helps to wipe it off easily, but for a longer stability, the exit must be distributed accurately on the lips and leave your lips without talking or Stick together for at least two minutes.


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