Service and Washa: “They married me at the age of 15 to a depressed patient… and I don’t know what to do with my life.”

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“I am a twenty-two-year-old wife. My problem is that I got married at a young age, at the age of 15. Since I got married, I have been suffering with my husband because he has some personality disorders and suffers from depression. From the beginning, I noticed his psychological instability, but due to my young age, I did not know this well. I had two children from him and we have been together for 8 years, and my relationship with him deteriorates greatly because, due to his depression, he never works and does nothing, and even my needs as a wife are not met for me. Without a father, and I do not want them to grieve because of me, but I can no longer bear living with him at all, and I do not know what to do at the present time, but I asked for a divorce because it is better for me.”


Dear reader, we are very sorry for what you are going through. This is a bitter experience and there are many crimes that were committed against you when you were married off as a child. Your letter did not explain who was behind this crime, but it was not enough to marry you while you were still a child who cannot bear the burdens of a marital relationship and the responsibilities of a man. And Pete, but he also did not take into account the choice of the right husband for you, because you are implicated in the responsibility that even mature adults who have a lot of experience in life will be difficult for them to carry, in addition to that you have not been given the choice whether you want to bear such responsibility or not.

We are always keen not to encourage separation, but if you are deprived of your rights as a wife, and he does not fulfill the duties of spending on you and your children, and of course, since the relationship has deteriorated to this degree, we can extend the line on his integrity and expect that he does not fulfill his duties as a father as well, so we understand very well the step Which you have undertaken, you must bear in mind that the children will not be happy in the presence of a father if the mother is turned off and unhappy and if this father does not play his role.

But your letter did not explain whether he tried to get treatment or not? Where Dr. Samar Kishk, a mental health specialist, advises you to make the step of divorce a last resort, so you should talk clearly about the need for him to resort to treatment. Perhaps if he followed up with specialists and did what was necessary to be able to carry out all his duties towards you, your life would become better. We also want to ask you, is there an opportunity to get the help of a family member, either on his part or on your part, to pressure him to seek specialized psychological help? If the answer is yes, please try this solution before deciding to separate, because it will not be an easy step.

And whether the answer is yes or no, you undoubtedly need to obtain the necessary psychological support from specialists in this field, such as psychological counselors or social workers. They can provide you with the advice and support needed to get through this crisis and deal with it effectively. Not only do you need help not to be affected by the consequences of his depression, but also the consequences of your early marriage.

Secondly, consideration must be given to preserving the health and safety of children and ensuring that they are provided with the necessary care. It is possible to search for available options to obtain financial and psychological support for children, and to provide them with the necessary care through relatives or concerned institutions. Thirdly, you should search for financial security options to ensure a decent life for you and your children, and enable you to make your decision on solid ground, whether to continue with him and support him in the treatment journey, or to separate and continue your life with your children. And in any case, you should never feel guilty about the decision that you make because you were basically wronged by implicating you in this marriage without thinking about your future and happiness, not even the future and happiness of your children.

The 7th of July

Within the framework of “The Seventh Day”‘s keenness to communicate directly with readers, and to provide various and varied services, “The Seventh Day” launched the “Washsha” service to receive any inquiries or psychological, social or educational problems, provided that the problems are presented to trusted experts and specialists and the responses are published via Website and newspaper.

You can contact us through WhatsApp number 01284142493 or e-mail Washwasha@youm7.com or direct link.


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