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Some girls, when they put makeup on their face, the problem is how to choose the right color or how to put makeup on the skin to give double beauty and elegance.

But the matter may go beyond the issue of make-up and cause damage and sensitivity from the use of make-up products, and the girl may feel confused about how to use make-up without affecting her skin and causing an allergy from using it, and there are some tips through which it is possible to avoid allergic reactions to the eyes, according to the site “stylecraze“.

eye irritation

Makeup tips for sensitive eyes

Choose makeup that does not cause allergies

There is a basic rule for every girl before buying any skin care products, which is to choose any products that do not cause allergies, and anti-allergic products do not contain ingredients that cause any allergic reaction inside or around the eye, and unscented makeup products can be chosen, to reduce any irritation in the eye The eye may feel it.

Cream eye shadow over powder eye shadow

It is easy to choose a creamy eyeshadow over a powdery eyeshadow to avoid any allergic reaction, because the powder eyeshadow contains talc which is an eye irritant, and the powder can get into the eye and cause an allergic reaction and eye redness.

cream eyeshadow;

cream eyeshadow;

Change the way you put on eye makeup

The matter may be far from makeup products, and it may come to the method of applying makeup, which causes allergies, as the girl may apply makeup with a brush harshly and quickly, around the eyelid, which may cause eye irritation, and for this the girl should be more gentle when applying makeup, and the best way To apply makeup, tap and blend without pressing too hard.

Choose the right brush

When applying eye make-up, a girl should choose a brush that is soft and clean continuously to reduce any chance of irritation. He does not like to use a brush that is not soft or has rough bristles that may cause irritation.

The brushes are high quality

The brushes are high quality

Make-up removal

The most important thing is to remove eye make-up properly at the end of each day to preserve sensitive eyes while avoiding sleeping with make-up on and using a make-up remover or gentle cleansing balm.

Makeup removal
Makeup removal


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