If you did not do well in the exams, find out how to support your son, a high school student

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The high school stage is considered one of the most difficult educational stages that pass through the Egyptian home, especially as the majority consider it a stage of determining destiny and drawing for the future, but it is quite the opposite, it is just tests like any year they have passed, but it needs extra effort than usual, and it is not the end as some believe. However, it is the beginning of a path to drawing a bright future, as human relations expert Sabreen Jaber explained in her interview with “The Seventh Day” that there are some parents who increase their children’s tension as a result of not passing the tests as required of them, and this is wrong because it causes them to lack self-confidence and tension in their relationship. With them, which increases the quarrels and exaggerated anxiety, so we review some steps to support our high school students in overcoming this crisis, especially if they did not do well in it.


Talk to your son

The human relations expert said that it is necessary to talk to the children about their ideas and what they intend to do after the high school exams, whether to enroll in a college that suits their abilities or to participate in some courses that increase their experience and so on, and this method of resolving the matter makes the distance between children and parents close. very much and build trust between them.

High school
High school

Planning for the future

High school is not the end, this is how the human relations expert explained that it is necessary to tell children that high school is not everything in a person’s life, while presenting examples for them who did not stop high school from their ambition and seeing their future well, in addition to planning the future with children and listening to their opinion in the next educational experience.

High school exams
High school exams

Avoid bringing up their feelings

And the human relations expert added that it is necessary to avoid provoking their feelings by talking about the possibility of their failure or failure. This is very difficult for adolescents, but talking to them responsibly, clearly and frankly without offending them makes them try to make a greater effort in the coming years in order to be of the good faith of their parents.


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