If you are one of those with wide eyes… Steps to help you make attractive eyes

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The eye is considered one of the most important places in the face, which can be a main reason for the appearance of your beauty, so it is necessary to do makeup that fits the shape of the eye. “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines easy steps to make makeup for the wide eye, according to what was stated on the site “stylecraze

How to do makeup for wide eyes

Easy steps to do wide eye makeup: Start with eyebrow shaping

It is preferable that you make thick and full eyebrows in a natural way, by using very little eyebrow corrector and combing the hair inward, which gives a more attractive appearance.

Apply a neutral color on the eyelid

After completing the eyebrow shaping, apply a neutral color such as light brown or champagne to the eyelids, extending slightly to the outer corner of the eye and above the crease for an attractive look.

Lower lash line

Apply a line under the lower eyelashes with a thin brush, preferably the same color as the eyelid.

The inner corners of the eye

Apply a darker color such as dark brown towards the inner corner of the eye and go towards the outer corner, then blend towards the inner corner unlike usual to give a limited narrowing of the eyes .

Highlight your eyes

For a light eye, apply color just below the brow bone in the center, so blend it in a good way to get rid of creases

eye identification

Take a dark color and apply it in the inner corners of the eye, then extend it to the middle of the eye to get a rapprochement between the eye and the eyelid.


In case you need to apply mascara, put a little of it

Wide eye makeup
Wide eye makeup
Makeup for wide eyes
Makeup for wide eyes


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