Etiquette for dealing with children’s fights with their friends at the club

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Families are interested in going to the club throughout the summer vacation, as it is a space available for adults and children and for all family members, but we can find some problems, especially between children, that may be due to games or any other reasons that cause quarrels between children and each other, so “The Seventh Day” reviews In the following lines, the etiquette of dealing in the club when a quarrel occurs between children and each other, according to Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations.

Kids fighting in the club

The etiquette expert told “The Seventh Day”: “Both parents need a lot of calmness, flexibility, and patience in solving the problem, in addition to their focus on their children, whether in the play area or when sitting with some friends, so if we feel that there is an intense dialogue that should take place.” The father or the mother to go and try to understand the matter and remedy it and solve it easily by organizing the roles and playing times and trying to participate with them in any group game.

She continued: “Etiquette rejects the negative actions of the mother or a family member, so it is inappropriate for the mother to remove a child from any game to put her child in the game. Also, if a child hits his friend or abuses his hands, then it is not right for the mother to hit the aggressor child, or to motivate her child to take his rights in his hand, but rather it is preferable that the mother or father try to untie the tangle so that the children do not harm themselves and talk to the aggressor child and tell him that he made a mistake.

And she continued: “The child abuser should not be hit for any reason, because by doing so, the matter has become greater than the nature of the problem, so it turned after it was a children’s problem into a game, it became a problem of an adult who assaulted a child by beating, so the mother should go to the mother of the child abuser and talk to her calmly and without a harsh tone or Unkind words or unacceptable accusations, and waiting for the practical and moral response from the mother of the abused child.

But if the mother of the violent child responds with indifference or replies in an improper way, intending to take you to the path of disagreement with a loud voice, then you must be smart so as not to lose your elegance in the dialogue, bearing in mind that the child must be removed from the environment of the violent child, because the matter may be repeated and spoil the day because of this. Minor problems, but if the error persists, it is preferable to go to the club’s management and submit a report to solve the problem and punish the wrongdoer.

Etiquette of dealing when a quarrel occurs between children
Etiquette of dealing when a quarrel occurs between children
Etiquette dealing when resolving quarrels between children
Etiquette dealing when resolving quarrels between children


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