Effective natural ways to remove dark circles with ingredients from your home

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Dark circles are a problem for many people, whether men or women, and there are many things through which dark circles can be hidden, such as applying concealer to make the skin uniform.

But this is not enough and not a solution, and it is known that the area around the eye is sensitive because the skin is light, and for this reason many girls may resort to some natural remedies to remove dark circles from under the eyes, and it is easy to do for uniform skin, but he wants to know the method of these methods can follow the report Next, according topharmacy“.


Effective ways to remove dark circles:

cold tea bags:

The use of cold tea bags is one of the most effective ways to remove dark circles, and a better solution can be to use green tea bags or chamomile tea for a quick and wonderful result, because caffeine helps to constrict blood vessels, which reduces blood flow, which helps combat dark circles, by By soaking tea bags in water and placing them in the refrigerator, the bags are removed from the refrigerator and placed gently on the eye for up to 15 minutes with repetition for an impressive result.

skin care

skin care

Grated potatoes or cucumber:

This method reduces puffiness around the eye area, and vitamins and antioxidants help reduce inflammation around the eye and reduce darkening and dark circles, by grating raw potatoes or cucumbers, and the pieces are placed on the eyes and they are relaxed and removed from the eye after 12 minutes, and potato juice can be extracted Or cucumber, taking a cotton ball soaked in juice and placing it on the eye, covering the area around the eye sufficiently, leaving it for 3 minutes and washing it with cold water, and slices of cucumber or potato can be placed directly on the eye.

cold milk:

It is known that cold milk is a natural cleanser for the eyes and helps to soothe the sensitive skin around the eye area, and the cold milk contains lactic acid that helps reduce eye puffiness and lightens and moisturizes the skin significantly by dipping a cotton ball in cold milk and placed on the eye area, and left for a short time Then the eye is rinsed with water and the process is repeated for at least 3 times a week.

Taking care of the under eye area
Taking care of the under eye area


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