6 simple steps to take care of brittle hair.. “Restore vitality and strength to it”

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Split or damaged hair, and even frizzy or brittle hair, can be a problem for a girl and put her in embarrassing situations because she wants to appear elegant and attractive all the time. The girl may forget, with time and a lot of preoccupation with laziness, about hair routine care, and there are some steps that can allow the hair to be restored to life again and make it moist and lively, and to know these methods, you can follow the following report, according to the site “lorealparisusa“.

brittle hair

Steps to take care of brittle and brittle hair:

Switching shampoo and conditioner:

Brittle hair and brittle hair need more hair care, as the hair often tends to be coarse, and for this reason, shampoo and conditioner must be replaced with a specific system to nourish the hair strands to make it more moisturized, vibrant, and have a silky, soft and shiny texture.

Moisturizing hair:

It is noted that brittle and brittle hair needs additional hydration and special care, to make the hair get the moisture it needs, and a hair mask can be made such as choosing a mask of almond oil to repair the damage. The conditioner is applied to the hair after washing the hair with shampoo and left for 3 to 5 minutes. Then the hair is rinsed well.

Poor hair

Poor hair

Relaxed hairstyles:

If a girl does a certain hairstyle for a long time, such as braids or ponytails and hair extensions, it may pull the hair and cause weak strands of hair, which may lead to breakage, and the girl can do different styles to relax her hair and take a truce.

Leave the hair dryer:

The girl who feels that her hair is dry, damaged, and brittle should stay away from the hair dryer after showering, and be careful to let the hair dry naturally from the air or through a head towel, making sure not to rub the hair with the towel, but dry it nicely and softly.

Use a hairbrush carefully:

Split or brittle hair should be handled with great care, by partly air-drying the hair naturally and then gently brushing the hair.

Flexible styling products:

It is natural that hair care products affect the hair strands, especially if the use is for a long time. After applying a long-term product and combing the hair, hair may break, and for this reason, you must search for hair products that provide stability and elasticity, while not exposing the hair to a hot iron.

brittle hair
brittle hair


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