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The attack from the Jordanian border is a matter of time

Amman Today

publish date 2023-07-10 10:12:48

Israel Today newspaper quoted settlers living near the Jordanian border as saying that they are increasingly worried about carrying out attacks in the area.

The newspaper indicated, quoting the settlers, that infiltration across the Jordanian border is very easy for many reasons, as there is no border fence at all, and the military force is meager, while the Israelis assert that “the attack is a matter of time, and we will see funerals here … the residents sleep with weapons under their pillows.” For fear of a repeat of Mohamed Salah’s attack.

And “Israel Today” quotes a settler, without mentioning his name, as saying in a voice choked with anger: “The situation is terrible. Unlike the high border fence between Egypt and Israel, we do not have a fence, and the Israeli-Jordanian border is completely perforated from Kibbutz Yotvata in the south of Wadi Araba to the Dead Sea. The heads of security and the government, and those responsible for guarding, all know this and do nothing. It is clear to us that a terrorist attack will happen on the border, and they will say: we did not know, we did everything to prevent it.

And she pointed out that “the security establishment and the Israeli army are aware of the dangers and remain silent, and allow them to happen, just as they allowed the attack to take place on Route 12, despite the presence of warnings, and they also allowed 24/7 shifts of soldiers on the Egyptian border, and as everyone knows about the violations in Egyptian border fence.

She explained, “Every day, weapons, drugs, and people are smuggled out of Jordan. There is no force that can stop them, the soldiers are too few and there is not enough technology. It happened on the Egyptian border, and it will happen on the Jordanian border. This complete chaos of the southern sector.”

According to a settler, the border has become very active due to smuggling of all kinds, noting that “smugglers dared, and passage from Jordan to Israel became free without any obstacles. We are in a vehicle a meter away from the border, and we are very afraid.” In the end, anyone who transfers weapons to a hostile element inside Israel can become a terrorist.”

Another settler pointed out, “We have good relations with Jordan and there are intelligence updates from both sides, but we all understand, even from the information we receive, that in Wadi Araba, the Dead Sea or Eilat there will be a terrorist incident, as happened in Har Haref on the Egyptian border.” ”

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