Things you should get out of the living room to reduce clutter and increase space

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Every person wants his home to be elegant and have a modern decor to feel more comfortable and relaxed, and the living room may be small and does not contain large furniture, and there are some things that are easy to make the living room be larger and wider, by removing some things that are not important And to know those things that must be taken out of the living room to make it larger, according to the “homesandgardens“.

Anything that collects dust

It is known that a lot of accessories is the easiest way to make the space crowded and more chaotic, by using a few furniture and favorite items such as the coffee table, and it can be rotated as desired.

dust collection

Little things and lots of decoration:

Some small pieces of decor arranged on shelves can be added, which gives a distinctive character, but many of these pieces give a feeling of crowding and chaos that is unpleasant, and the living room must be arranged and anything that is not good or that does not have a function must be removed, and instead of small pieces can be obtained Replace them with large pieces and have a greater impact and have an elegant artistic appearance, such as choosing beautiful pieces instead of ten small pieces that give chaos without any meaning.

Small decorative things

Small decorative things

Favorite coffee table:

Some people who love coffee may be surprised when they know where to remove the coffee table from the living room, but in fact it takes up a lot of space. And instead of placing a large coffee table that crowds the place, you can choose a few small tables, which can plan the place according to desire, and it is adaptable according to the place, and it is easy to use, and the most important thing is that it does not occupy a large space, which gives a wider space for the living room.

your coffee table

your coffee table

Outdated volumes:

Certainly, when thinking about making a living room decoration, the TV can be placed in the place, but the installed TV is more harmonious in place, storage units such as TV stands can be removed because they take up a large space, and those who use old physical media such as the CD can replace that huge media storage unit with a small storage unit.

media storage units
media storage units


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