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Every housewife wants her home to be very beautiful and elegant, and to feel comfortable and relaxed, whether the home décor has modern ideas, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen decorations. Of course, the kitchen is very important because it is the place where the housewife spends most of her time preparing food for the family, and it must contain many places to store foods and things in the kitchen, and there are many ideas that can be done to make the kitchen modern and elegant, according to the site.homesandgardens“.

Different ideas for a modern kitchen:

warm yellow color:

Colors play an important role everywhere, both in the home and in the decorations. The lively and warm yellow color can be chosen in a small way, giving the place a distinctive warmth, which gives a fun look to the kitchen. It can be chosen on the kitchen cabinets, which reduces the effect of the color of the kitchen wall and gives additional depth and taste.

warm colour

French countryside touch:

The kitchen can be made to have a distinctive character, such as making it take on the character of the French countryside, and it contains earthy colors, and dishes can be placed on it in that simple, traditional way, to break a simple and calm look, by making the kitchen shelves open and storing dishes on them.

French countryside

French countryside

Glass tanks:

There is another new idea, which is the use of glass wall cabinets in an aesthetic way and a distinctive color, and paint the wall in another eye-catching color, while choosing an existing unit, which is ideal without walls or windows, filling with colored crockery and craft packages.

Glass cupboard

Glass cupboard

Take advantage of the size of the space:

Another innovative way for the kitchen is to make the kitchen high near the ceiling, and there will be a library ladder that you can climb on to get things from drawers and tall cupboards, and the ladder provides an advantage that draws attention to an elegant metal cupboard for a modern and contemporary look.

Take advantage of the space

Take advantage of the space

Stylish Seats:

Another suggestion for the kitchen is to choose high chairs that can be sat on alone, and can be used when eating dinner, in the kitchen, and can sit when having a quick coffee or checking e-mail.

Stylish seats
Stylish seats


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