“I need time alone.” How do you get your personal space without hurting your boyfriend’s feelings?

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Having personal space is very important for everyone, even in romantic relationships, whether you live alone and are still engaged or live with your partner after marriage. It is very important that you have some time and space on your own to relax, meditate and think. But how can you ask your partner for this personal space without hurting their feelings? Here are some tips from the American relationship site “Your Tango”:


Talk openly

First, you need to talk openly and openly with your romantic partner about your need for some personal space. Lying, pretending to be busy, or evading it without talking openly about your need for space will backfire. You should explain that you don’t want to be away from him, that you don’t hate his company but that you need some time to yourself to reflect and relax.

Setting times

Secondly, you should set some times for yourself, and ask your romantic partner to respect these times. You can ask him not to call or talk to you for a few hours a day, so you can relax and meditate, do an activity you love alone, or spend time with your friends.

A girl who spends time alone
A girl who spends time alone


Third, you need to make sure your partner understands that having space doesn’t mean you don’t love them. You should explain to him that having personal space is normal and important for everyone, and that he should not feel any kind of humiliation or frustration with your request for space.


Fourth, make up for your romantic partner, such as doing some fun activities together at other times. You could be spending quality time together outdoors or doing a joint activity like cooking or playing sports.

Sure, your romantic partner could be feeling anxious or frustrated with your request for personal space. However, these negative feelings can be avoided by talking openly and making sure your partner understands that having space is normal and important for everyone.


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