After the application of Threads.. 3 psychological disorders caused by your frequent follow-up to communication sites, beware of them

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After the emergence of the latest applications of social networking sites “Threads”, it may result in many developments and changes, whether on a personal level for followers or on a psychological level for those interested in various means of communication, which is a real challenge for many people to be able to use it in a way that does not harm them psychologically. Therefore, the seventh day reviews some of the psychological disorders that may occur to followers of a large number of social networking sites, and how to reduce their risks, according to the site “verywellfamily” as follows:

social media sites


There is a link between depression and social media. While most scientists haven’t really discovered a relationship between social media and depression, they have found that social media use can be associated with an intensification and onset of symptoms of depression, including decreased social activity and increased feelings of loneliness. Which multiplies with the increase in your participation in more than one site.


Anxiety is one of the psychological disorders caused by social networking sites, especially if you subscribe to one of the new sites such as “Threads”, which increases as you follow the number of interactions and subscribers on your page, and your strong desire to increase the number as soon as possible.


sleep deprivation

Social networking sites have a significant impact on the number of hours of sleep. Addicts to these sites may suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep, which may lead to complete sleep deprivation. Research shows a strong link between increased screen time and the development of symptoms associated with ADHD, such as difficulty concentrating. , emotional disorganization, and poor attention.

Follow social networking sites
Follow social networking sites

How to reduce the risk of frequent social networking

As for reducing these risks, it lies in organizing the time, in addition to turning off the phone completely before going to sleep, while avoiding participating in negative pages and contents in which bad news is published, in addition to setting controls for accepting friendships, provided that they are from the same field of work or common interests. Or lovers of the same hobbies, which makes browsing communication sites fun and not stressful on mental health.


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