7 tips to help you control the unhealthy emotional attachment to your lover

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Attachment to a lover is a natural feeling that many people go through, but when this attachment turns into something unhealthy, it may lead to problems in the relationship and emotional health. In order to avoid this, work must be done to reduce the feeling of unhealthy attachment to the lover. Here are some tips that can be followed to achieve this, according to the “your Tangoo” relationship site:

1. Self-care:

You should take care of yourself and do activities and hobbies that make you happy and independent. Taking care of yourself helps reduce the need to depend on your lover.

2. Autonomy:

You must work on achieving emotional independence, as this helps to reduce dependence on the lover and the feeling of unhealthy attachment.

3. Calling friends:

It is possible to contact friends and spend time with them, as this helps to improve mood, renew energy, and spend time without thinking about the lover.

4. Setting Personal Goals:

Personal goals can be set and worked towards, as this helps to achieve independence and reduce feelings of unhealthy attachment to the lover.


5. Increased self-confidence

A person should work on increasing self-confidence. Unhealthy attachment can make a person feel unable to live without a loved one, but working to increase self-confidence can help improve mental and emotional health.

6. Focus on the Present:

A person should focus on the present and not think about the past or the future excessively. Focusing on the present can help improve mental and emotional health and improve the current relationship.

7. Take advantage of free time:

A person can take advantage of the free time to develop new skills and interests. Focusing on new activities can improve mood and make a person feel hopeful and better.

Using these tips, a person can achieve emotional independence and reduce feelings of unhealthy attachment to a loved one. Maintaining a healthy relationship and emotional health requires working on balance, independence, and achieving happiness and self-satisfaction. Therefore, it is advised to practice the above tips on a regular basis to improve your emotional health and relationship with your lover.


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