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Al-Armouti rules out a general amnesty soon

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publish date 2023-07-09 10:39:50

Compass – Amman

Representative Saleh Al-Armouti ruled out the issuance of a general amnesty law during the next few period, indicating that “the government has no intention to issue a general amnesty.”

Al-Armouti said in a statement to Al-Bawsala that if the government had intended to issue a general amnesty law, the draft law would have been included in the agenda of the next special session.

And the deputy indicated that everything that is said on social media about the amnesty is “mere hopes” that have no connection to reality, adding, “The deputies submitted a draft law for general amnesty, when the government refused to approve it, according to the constitutional powers granted to them.”

He pointed out that ten deputies may submit a proposal to approve a draft general amnesty law, which is what actually happened.

Al-Armouti continued, saying about the general amnesty, “Everything that is said is completely inaccurate, and does not correspond to reality, as the special session did not include a draft law for a general amnesty.”


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