Why are some people attracted to the evil heroes in novels and movies?

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No dramatic story is devoid of an evil person who seeks all the time to commit acts of sabotage, destruction and spoil the life of the good hero. this report.

Why are some people attracted to the evil heroes in novels?

similarity in traits

Scientific research conducted by psychologists from Northwestern University and published in the journalPsychological Science indicating that bad people are attracted to those who look like them, as the researchers noted that sometimes people are drawn to “darker versions of themselves,” according to the site “psypost“.

Reasons for attraction to the bad guys

Low self-confidence

In a series of six studies, the researchers found that some people’s tendency towards villainous heroes may be evidence that a person suffers from a lack of self-confidence, looking for people to compensate for that feeling, which is why he is attracted to villains in fictional novels.

The researchers stated, “Sympathizing with novel villains may be a safe way for people to connect with the darker sides of their personality without experiencing a lack of self-confidence or a fragile sense of self.”

Reasons for attraction to villains heroes
Reasons for attraction to villains heroes

The study, conducted by psychologists from Northwestern University, revealed that some viewers sympathize with the villains of fantasy novels because they want to see themselves in a positive light, through the appearance of the feared villain hero.

There are other reasons why some people are attracted to villains, which are:

interesting people

The evil character is likely to be unpredictable all the time whether in novel or movies, keeping the reader or viewer alert and curious about the fate of the hero.

A shot from a movie
A shot from a movie

Believing that they are victims of circumstances

Some viewers believe that the evil heroes are victims of their social conditions that led them to reach this fate, and if these circumstances he would have become a good person, so they sympathize with him.


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