In order to be a good roommate.. Rules and basics that must be followed when living together

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Many of us may need a roommate for various reasons, whether for work abroad, when living in the university city, or even for emergency work conditions, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, some rules and tips that make you a good roommate according to what was stated in location thespruce

Dealing in shared housing

Set some ground rules:

The first thing you should do with your new roommate is to make a short list of rules and basics that must be dealt with so that no misunderstanding occurs between you, so set a plan and schedule for cleaning, dividing the bills between you, and sharing housing.

Do not borrow without permission:

It is preferable to preserve the privacy of others and not to assume something without asking about it. For example, a roommate may have some clothes that are more than she needs, so you do not have the right to suggest donating them or wearing them without permission.

Respect her personal space:

Everyone needs personal space. No matter how strong the relationship, personal space must be respected and left, so avoid intruding with questions that do not concern you or questions that concern her personal life.

Clean up your mess:

In the event that you make a mess, get rid of it as soon as possible and arrange your affairs in a nice, clean and tidy manner. Do not try to leave the mess for the second day, but be quick.

Keep your hands off your girlfriend’s food.

In the event that you saw your favorite food in the refrigerator, do not try to extend your hand on it without obtaining its permission.

Don’t talk about your roommate.

If you have some close friends, it is better not to talk about anything about your roommate, and it is preferable that you stay away from gossip and respect her privacy.

Rules for dealing with a roommate
Rules for dealing with a roommate


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