How do we know the difference between normal and pathological anxiety.. and how do we treat it?

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In our current era, anxiety and stress have become common features that many suffer from, however, there is a difference between normal anxiety, which can be beneficial at times, and pathological anxiety, which is considered a psychological disorder that affects the lives of individuals and can lead to health and psychological problems. Larger.

Dr. Raymond Michel Thabet, a consultant for mental health and psychological and marital counseling, says that anxiety is one of the human feelings that God has created within each of us. Optimally required, but we have to distinguish between normal anxiety and sick anxiety disorder.

Dr. Raymond Michel

And he explains: Whoever has an important meeting, exam, job interview, or appointment that will result in something important as a result, it is natural and certain for a person to be keen about that in several attempts from him to make the situation in the best condition that can exist for him, and this concern makes him do what he can and energy to do. In full, this is called in the wheel of human feelings, as it is known among psychologists, anxiety that improves performance and generates a willingness to confront, i.e. natural eagerness. Studies have confirmed to us that simple anxiety leads to work in the best possible way.

Pathological anxiety and physical symptoms

As for anxiety disorder, which is usually afflicted by women to a degree that is twice as high as that of men, according to studies, and perhaps more than that, it appears in the constant belief that there are bad things and perhaps disasters that can happen soon, and those things, in their point of view, do not have any personal role at all in controlling or controlling them. This leads to physical changes such as nerve stimulation, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, headaches, tremors, and irritable bowel problems. In those cases, pathological anxiety leads to a person fleeing from the source of anxiety because he cannot face it alone while these physical symptoms remain.


How long symptoms last

Anxiety is classified here as a major disorder if symptoms persist for at least six months, and anxiety appears in several different forms, such as generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and trauma-related distress, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

Not enjoying life

One of the most important features that accompanies anxiety disorder is the feeling of worry and distress continuously for a long time in a way that hinders a person from enjoying life in general and its joys, as the person thinks that the worries will continue to accompany him continuously, and this usually begins during adolescence until the matter develops and becomes a disorder when treatment is neglected. .

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder treatment

As for determining the appropriate treatment for it, it depends on several matters, in which its degree and severity must be taken into account, which are determined by the degree of personal culture, life experiences, and genetic readiness for that, which ranges from 20% to 40%. The most appropriate treatment program for each person individually.

Perhaps one of the most powerful psychological treatments for anxiety disorder is training in what is known as positive, rational thinking, and we use the method of gradual immunization by gradually studying exposure to many situations that cause anxiety to the patient and storming them and helping him change his thinking pattern, which leads to changing his feelings and then his behavior, also helps Relaxation exercises, abdominal breathing, and writing daily notes about the damage of worries on our lives. This was found to be a positive thing in the psychological treatment journey. Antidepressants may also be used as adjunctive treatment, because anxiety disorder is linked to an imbalance in chemicals in the brain “serotonin and norepinephrine.” If the matter continues For a period exceeding six months, please see a psychiatrist to confirm the diagnosis and follow the necessary instructions.


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