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Washing hair constantly and untangling it incorrectly is one of the methods that sometimes cause hair breakage and loss, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the most prominent methods that help you wash your hair in a good way, according to what was stated on the site .stylecraze

Hair washing tips

Grease your hair before washing it with shampoo

Make sure to apply the appropriate hair oil available to you and massage it into your scalp for 3 hours after washing your hair. To achieve this, you can use coconut or olive oil.


Detangling hair before washing it with shampoo also reduces hair knots. It is difficult to detangle your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is weaker and more fragile and can break easily. You can detangle your hair by dividing it into four sections and then washing it by brushing it, as this helps in revitalizing Blood circulation in the scalp, thus reducing its fall and preventing clogged pores. This can also reduce split ends.

Rinse your hair

Rinse your hair thoroughly for a minute before applying the shampoo, then soak it thoroughly for a minute using lukewarm water.

Use warm water first.

Use warm water to wash your hair before and after shampooing, because warm water helps open up the scalp pores before wetting your hair and make sure the water is not hot as it can damage your hair and burn your scalp. But the best hair washing routine with cold water to close the follicles again.

Dilute the shampoo:

Dilute the shampoo by mixing it with water in order to avoid concentrating on the scalp because there are many types of shampoos that contain chemical ingredients. Also, choose a moisturizing shampoo that contains natural ingredients that help prevent hair loss and keep it moisturized for long periods.

Moisturizing hair:

After washing your hair with shampoo, rinse it and apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair, making sure not to apply the conditioner directly to your scalp so as not to cause an accumulation of fat. Also, use a comb and comb the ends of the hair, then wait 3 minutes and rinse your hair.


Hair washing steps
Hair washing steps


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