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A toast praising the subject of the Friday sermon as a victory for Jenin and attachment

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publish date 2023-07-08 13:13:11

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Jordanian elites praised the subject of the Friday sermon, whose content came in touch with the current events and the brutal Zionist violations taking place in Palestine, and the popular and official Jordanian support for the martyrs and resistance fighters in Jenin and its camp and all of the land of Palestine until they obtain their legitimate rights and the end of the occupation.

Former MP, Dr. Dima Tahboub, said in her tweet on Twitter: Greetings to the preacher of the Al-Husseini Mosque and the Ministry of Endowments, as the sermon touched on the victory of our brothers in Jenin and the role of the nation in victory, while praying for them.

Tahboub asserted, “This is the role of the sermon, the direct engagement with the issues of the homeland and the Muslims, and thus the mosque will regain its role in drawing the map of the life of Muslims. Greetings to the imams of Jordan. If you are my imam, be my imam.”

For his part, the professor of Islamic law, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shahruri, presented in his statements to “compassThanks to the Ministry of Awqaf for choosing a topic for the Friday sermon that touches on the current events, and affirms Jordan’s official and popular support for the people and the resistance in all of Palestine.

Al-Shahruri said that the title of the sermon, which came under the title: “Do not be humiliated, and do not grieve, and you will be superior.” We are sure that the Ministry of Endowments has in mind the events of Jenin, and it wants the preachers to call for the martyrs of Jenin and call for the confirmation of the people of Jenin camp and its city, and this is something the Ministry of Endowments thanks for.

He added, however, by saying: But when we cite the noble verses: (If a wound afflicts you, a wound similar to it has afflicted the people), and the verse: (And do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be supreme if you are believers), here we should refer to an important objective issue, which is that the previous noble verses were revealed commenting On the outcome of the Battle of Uhud, in which the Muslims were injured because of their violation of the orders of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and the archers’ descent from the mountain to collect the spoils, it was what happened.

Al-Shahruri continued by saying: That is why the verses were revealed consoling the Muslims for what befell them in the battle of Uhud, (If only a wound afflicts you, the people’s affliction is a similar wound, and those days will be alternated among the people).

Dr.. Ahmad Al Shahrouri: We want another sermon from the Ministry of Awqaf praising the victory of the resistance in Jenin

What happened in Jenin is a victory for the resistance

He added that what happened in Jenin and its camp is very different, and what happened in Jenin is a “victory.” Ten martyrs rose to their Lord, but they frightened a thousand soldiers or more, but they cast terror into the hearts of those who were driving buses, tanks, and destroyers, and they cast terror in the face of the Zionist military effort. With its tanks and planes, the occupying power could not hold out in the Jenin camp for more than two days, until it turned on its heels.

Al-Shahruri said: The Palestinian blood and sweat were victorious in the Jenin camp and its city, and therefore on this occasion we do not read the words of God Almighty: (If a wound touches you, a wound like it has touched the people), but rather we read the words of God Almighty: (If you help God, He will help you and make your feet firm), and we have won The people of the Jenin camp of God, so God gave them victory, and we read the words of God Almighty: (And say: Work, and God will see your work and His Messenger and the believers, and you will be returned to the Knower of the Unseen and the Witnessed).

He continued by saying: We read it in the faces of the authority that neglected the youth and cooperated in security, and it told the Zionist media that the authority was aware of the military operation against Jenin.

Al-Shahruri explained: A questioner may ask, What could the authority have done, and we say: It could have done a lot, and the free soldiers were among the soldiers of the authority who promised us that they would be martyred for the sake of God and their country, and many of them were ready to defend the Jenin camp, not to be a witness Forgery and criminality over what happened in Jenin.

A sermon to praise the victory

And he said: We want from the Ministry of Awqaf another sermon praising the victory of Jenin, and we want a sermon in which we praise the guerrilla work on the ground and the sincerity of the faithful and the biography of that Nabulsi to whom his father said: Obedience to me is obligatory for you, so he asked his father a question saying: If God commanded me with an order, and my father commanded me with an order, So which of the two commands did he comply with, and he did not find an answer except to say to him: Comply with God’s command, then his father followed his saying: Go, my son, I handed you over to God.

And he pointed out that “this is how the youth of Palestine achieved victory by their belief in God’s command, and their preference for the legal reason over the affection of fatherhood, and this is how the people of the cause have always been.”

It is noteworthy that social media activists interacted with the topic of the Friday sermon, praising the topic and the positions that you raised, which represents the true position of the Jordanian people supporting and supporting the resistance in Palestine until its liberation from the river to the sea.


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