Watch a sea otter try to steal a surfer in the middle of the ocean (video)

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A video clip that recorded more than 3 million views documented a sea otter’s attempt to steal a surfboard off the coast of California, and according to the video spread on the “Twitter” platform, the sea otter appears in the video as he snatches a surfboard while its owner was swimming away..

And soon the animal swims away from the site, while the surfer chases it to retrieve the board, and the surfer enters into a battle with the sea otter to get the board, and sprays it with water trying to push it to leave it, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, which published the video..

As the surfer tries to push the sea otter off the board, the animal appears unfazed by the situation, and the video ends without revealing who won.

The video has garnered millions of views and thousands of people commenting on jokes and conspiracy theories, with one person writing: “The otters have joined the war,” implying that orcas waged war on ships in their home waters.

The otter appears unfazed, but makes up the board repeatedly until the clip ends without showing how to resolve the situation between the duo .


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