Tips for the employee to restore his activity when returning to work.. to get rid of laziness

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After obtaining a leave, whether long or short, the person feels laziness and lethargy, which negatively affects his production at work, and may expose him to penalties from his superiors. ” upmeals “.

Tips for the employee to regain his activity after returning to work

healthy diet

It is advised to follow a healthy diet that contains nutrients in order to lose the extra weight that he gained during Eid al-Adha, and at the same time this diet helps him to feel energetic and energetic, and to maintain his health.

Getting ready to go back to work

Drinking water

Drinking enough water throughout the day helps the body to restore balance, and makes the person feel energetic and energetic. It is also recommended to drink herbal or lemon and ginger water, which helps boost metabolism and support the body’s natural process of detoxification.

Get rid of laziness
Get rid of laziness

Doing exercise

It is recommended to practice exercises such as yoga, dancing, walking, martial arts, and other exercises that help to feel energetic and energetic.

Back to work after vacation
Back to work after vacation

enough sleep

The sleep schedule during the Eid al-Adha vacation period has been subject to change due to staying up all night in front of the TV screen or talking with friends. Therefore, after the vacation, the sleep schedule must be adjusted and the old schedule that helps the employee get enough sleep in order to focus on his work.

Energy recharge

The vacation helped create beautiful memories with friends and relatives, and also helped get rid of the feeling of tension and work exhaustion, which helped the employee regain his activity, energy, and vitality again, so it is preferable for the employee to set a day a week to read a good book or practice meditation exercises and other practices that help him To recharge his energy again, during the week following the vacation.


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