How do you attract your Cancer husband and look beautiful in front of him with your choice of clothes?

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Every wife wants to look elegant, whether by choosing and coordinating the colors of clothes, an attractive hairstyle, or make-up that suits her facial features, to look charming and beautiful, just as every wife wants to attract her husband’s attention to her, and the girl who likes a man from Cancer must choose a quality Certain clothes in order to attract his attention to it and increase his admiration for it, and to find out about these costumes, you can follow the following report, according to the “”cruciallove“.

A Cancer man has a special taste in choosing clothes and colors, and in order for a girl to catch his eye, she must follow some things from choosing clothes that greatly define her personality.

light clothes

Choose a soft and specific fabric:

A Cancer-born is attracted to a woman who has a good and gentle personality, and attracts the attention of soft clothes that define the shape of the body and make it comfortable, while choosing soft designs and flexible fabrics that suit the taste.

The girl can wear a soft, comfortable woolen sweater in cold weather, and it must have a soft texture, and cotton, organza, silk, satin, and artificial fur are soft fabrics. A silk or satin dress can be worn if the girl is going to a fancy restaurant, and cotton or woolen clothes are also suitable. For informal occasions, formal clothes should not be worn all the time with him because he loves feeling simple and wearing simple casual clothes.



Wear subtle colors and shapes:

Pastel colors are suitable for choosing, and blue or neutral colors can be used. Cancers love sky blue, white, gray, turquoise, sea green, and any color related to water, sea, or the moon. Or a necklace or a headdress, and the girl can wear clothes that have some shine or a simple reflection such as the moon or the surface of the water, and the Cancer man is attracted to those small details, and the girl can wear jewelry made of shells or anything related to the sea.



the natural beauty:

A Cancer man does not like a girl to wear blatant makeup, and a girl can put on concealer, but she must be careful to make the most of it, to get a bright natural look, and the most natural makeup is what attracts a Cancer man, with a pink or light lipstick color And mascara can be put on, which makes the Cancer man look at his girl with respect and admiration, because it expresses his personality without any falsification.

Light costumes
Light costumes


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