Clever tricks to expand the kitchen space.. Get rid of clutter and feeling uncomfortable

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Some women suffer from the lack of space in the kitchen, which causes them to feel uncomfortable, and the distress that negatively affects the way they prepare food. thespruce“.

Clever tricks to expand the space of a small kitchen room

Hanging towels and tools

Towels and simple tools that women need all the time take up space in the kitchen and cause chaos, so it is recommended to buy a hanger to hang towels and tools that women use, such as knives, scissors, etc., and hang them next to them so that they are within their reach.

Hanging towels

Add space for a plank over the sink

Some of the sink space can be used to add a wooden board or table during food preparation, which saves space inside the kitchen.


Take advantage of the space around the refrigerator

When there’s a little space between the fridge and the wall in a small kitchen, that space can be used to make a hidden DIY pantry for canned goods and other non-perishable kitchen essentials.


Fold the table

The table takes up a lot of space inside the kitchen room, and therefore it is preferable that it be foldable to open it when needed so as not to cause a narrow kitchen space.

Fold the table
Fold the table

Chopping board over sink

You can buy a cutting board for fruits, vegetables and meat and place it on the sink while preparing food, in order to save space in the kitchen room and not cause more clutter.

chopping board
chopping board

Create a cupboard next to the kitchen

If there is not enough space inside the small kitchen to create a cupboard, a corner or cupboard in a nearby room can be used to store foods, which helps in expanding the space of the kitchen room.



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