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“Jenin, stronghold of the lions”… a mass popular march in support of the Palestinian resistance and celebration of victory (witness)

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publish date 2023-07-07 13:32:00

At the invitation of the Islamic Movement and popular events

Amman – Raed Sbeih

A massive popular march began at noon today, Friday, in front of the Al-Husseini Grand Mosque, at the invitation of the Islamic Movement and a number of political, partisan and popular activities, as an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian resistance and “a victory for the embryo of heroism and dignity, and in support of every hand that resists the occupier, and in rejection of the crimes of the occupier and his aggression against the family.” In Palestine”.

The participants in the mass march, which came under the title: “Jenin, stronghold of lions,” chanted slogans expressing the overwhelming Jordanian, Arab and Islamic joy at the victory of the resistance over the barbaric Zionist aggression, and the legendary steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance in confronting the occupation and its taste of defeat and humiliation at the doorsteps of Jenin and its camp.

They also expressed their pride and loyalty to the blood of the righteous martyrs who wiped out Jenin and all Palestinian cities during the Zionist aggression, stressing that their blood will be a curse on the Zionists and those with whom they signed agreements of surrender, abandonment and normalization.

And they demanded the Jordanian government and the Arab governments to desist from statements and condemnations that stop the Zionists’ aggression and arrogance, and to provide real positions of support for the Palestinian people by canceling all peace and normalization agreements with this enemy that not only targets Palestine, but also targets Jordanian sovereignty and all Arab and Islamic countries.

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