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Cybercrime renews the warning of fraudulent messages

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publish date 2023-07-07 10:46:41

The Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Unit has repeated its repeated warnings regarding electronic financial fraud, as the unit, despite its many warnings, is still dealing with large numbers of complaints on a daily basis.

The Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Unit confirmed that the methods used by electronic fraudsters are multi-format and they constantly invent new forms for them, noting that most of the fraudsters work from outside the Kingdom and that the first way to protect them from their fraudulent methods lies in awareness and avoiding dealing with any unknown messages or seeking quick profit. .

The unit referred to the most important fraudulent methods that are dealt with on a daily basis, and they are summarized as follows:

Work messages that come to citizens on their phones or accounts on social media, asking them to fill in their information to work remotely and open wallets in their names, so that those wallets become a tool for defrauding others, which leads to the owner of the wallet eventually being accused of the crime of fraud and fraud.

– Links to provide aid that use the names of official bodies and request that the person’s information and bank data be filled out

Prize-winning messages that make the message recipient think that he has won one of the prizes and ask him to fill in his information or transfer a sum of money to receive the prize.

– Installment sale advertisements that use accounts and pages to display goods on social networking sites, so that the person wishing to buy transfers the amount of money to the account as a first payment, only to be surprised after that by closing the page or not responding to it.

The unit also warned of one of the most dangerous methods that some fraudsters follow against people who own financial portfolios, as they contact them and claim that they are the company that established the wallet and that they want to update their data and give them the update steps that end with sending the new password, which enables them to control the wallet and steal it What amounts of money it has.

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