The occupation measures in Jerusalem and Jenin clearly target Jordan

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publish date 2023-07-06 15:16:05

The Parliamentary Reform Bloc said that the occupation measures in Jerusalem and Jenin, targeting civilians and attempting to expel them from their homes is a clear attempt to re-displacement and impose the occupation’s colonial vision.

The bloc added, in a statement issued by Wasl, “compassA copy of it, that the scenes of the deportation of the people of Jenin camp, and the prevention of the Deputy Director of the Jerusalem Endowment, Dr. Najeh Bakirat, from entering Jerusalem are conclusive evidence that the occupation is targeting Jordan.

She pointed out that attempts to displace the Palestinians again to Jordan and end its guardianship over the Al-Aqsa Mosque have become clearer today than in the past.

The bloc called on the government to confront these measures with the most decisive political steps, and with more military preparation.

The following is the text of the statement:

A statement issued by the Parliamentary Reform Bloc:

The crimes of the Zionist enemy in Palestine, which target the Jenin camp and the people of Jenin al-Qassam, are nothing but an episode in its next plan to deport the people of Palestine from their land, and a stage in which it continues to implement its continuous terrorist policies against our people in Palestine. international law that criminalizes occupation and rejects the exercise of tyranny over peoples.

The nation is called upon these days to intensify its efforts of solidarity with our people in Palestine, and they are confronting with the weapons available to them the arrogance and Nazism of the Zionist occupation and its crimes. This is a legal, religious and moral duty, especially those laws that criminalize providing material and moral support to Palestine and its people. The right to resist the occupation is a legitimate right and duty approved by international legislation, and before that it is a religious duty that no one has the option to abandon or fail to do.

The practices of the occupation and its criminal movements in Jenin and Jerusalem are a clear indication of its targeting of Jordan, and its endeavor to shake stability in it, hoping to impose its colonial vision. To him and ending his guardianship over Al-Aqsa Mosque has become clearer today than in the past, a matter that must be confronted by a Jordanian with the most decisive political steps, and with more military preparation.

The resistance of the people of Palestine in general and Jenin in particular constitutes the tip of the spear in defending the Arab Islamic nation, and the shield that fortifies it against the plans of the Zionist occupation to impose its project on the region. He accepts the martyrs in the gardens of bliss, and binds the hearts of their families and forces them.

Long live a free, Arab, Islamic Palestine from the sea to the river, and our heroic resistance will continue to be a symbol of glory and honor until the end of the occupation of all of Palestine.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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