So that you can focus all the time.. Tricks to get rid of boredom while studying

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Some high school students may feel bored from the long exam revision period, which negatively affects their comprehension of lessons, and to avoid this, we review some tricks that help the student get rid of boredom, according to the “” blog. stir. ac“.

Tricks to get rid of boredom while studying

Change the office decor

The desk chaos causes the student to feel exhausted and bored, so it must be rearranged again in order to become organized and help the student to study without the presence of any factors that distract him from focus.

Reactivate again

Lesson division

Dividing the review of lessons helps to overcome the feeling of boredom, as the student feels that he is reviewing small amounts of the study material, which leads him to more demand for reviewing the material.

Feeling bored and exhausted
Feeling bored and exhausted

Challenge yourself

The student must challenge himself to review a certain amount of the study material at a specific time while rewarding himself with a break for several minutes or eating a piece of candy and other rewards that motivate him more to review the study material.

Feeling bored
Feeling bored

Turn up the volume

Boredom can be broken by raising the voice while reviewing the study material, which helps to absorb the material easily.

Article explanation

In order to get rid of the feeling of boredom, the student is advised to explain the material to himself or to a family member, which helps him discover the extent of his absorption of the material he is reviewing, and at the same time helps him to get rid of the feeling of boredom.

Use colored pencils

It is recommended to use colored pencils when reviewing the study material to color the important information that the student needs to review again before entering the exam. At the same time, colorful colored pencils help him feel happy and get rid of boredom when reviewing the study material.


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