If you are exercising in the heat.. 4 important pieces that you must have with you

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Exercise is an important and beneficial thing for the body and for everyone alike, woman or man, but if you are new to exercising, it will be stressful and tiring, especially in the morning, and with the brightness of the scorching sun and high temperature, which may reduce this intensity is drinking water and regulating Breathing, but the most important thing is to choose the appropriate sportswear, including some pieces that we may forget and do not know their importance, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the important pieces of sportswear or accessories, especially if you exercise in the summer heat, according to the “Seventh Day” website.thesportsedit“.

Bandana or hand and hair bands

The “bandana” is considered one of the most important pieces in the summer, especially the hand bandana, with which you can wipe the sweat and dry your face continuously without distracting your mind from the exercise you are doing.



The cotton-lined sports cap is also one of the most important pieces in sports accessories, especially when exercising under the sun and high temperatures.

Sports cap
Sports cap

yoga mat

As for the yoga mat, it is one of the accessories that is preferred to be used in the summer, whatever the exercise you do, as it works to maintain the environment in which you exercise healthy without transferring bacteria or fungi from anyone.

yoga mat
yoga mat

smart watch

One of the best technological tools that have appeared in the recent period is the “Digital Watch” smart watch, which reads all your vital details such as heart rate, body temperature, etc., which helps you during your summer exercises.

smart watch
smart watch


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