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It is possible that you change the mural for displaying personal photos or art paintings, so we can find holes that distort the aesthetic view of the wall, so “The Seventh Day” reviews in the following lines the most prominent methods that help you get rid of holes and treat the wall in an easy and fast way according to what It came on the sitehousebeautiful”

Plug the hole in the wall

Steps to plug holes in the wall:

The first step: clear the hole

First wipe down the affected area of ​​the wall and get rid of any debris from the hole, then wipe the hole so that it is flat to the touch.

Step two: apply the patch

Use a light patch of putty to ensure long-term stability and strength in the place of the hole

Step Three: Cover with putty

After completing the previous stage, use the putty knife, then cover the wall patch with a large amount of filler to get rid of the hole, making sure to cover the wall and cover the hole completely

Step Four: Sand and Repaint:

After completing the putty stage, use sandpaper to create a flat and smooth surface that helps paint easily and leave it to dry. You may need two coats of paint to get the right color for the rest of the walls, because the putty may not match the color of the wall, so the paint can get heavier. Until reaching the same degree of wall color

Steps to plug a wall hole
Steps to plug a wall hole
wall hole
wall hole


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