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In the summer, hair can become brittle, dry, or coarse, and wrinkles that cause an unattractive look to the hair, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the most prominent steps that can be applied to obtain smooth hair like silk, according to what was stated on the website. stylecraze

Getting rid of hair wrinkles

Putting oil on the hair:

Put your favorite oil on your hair, then make circular movements with the scalp and leave it in the hair for an hour to two hours

Hair washing:

After you finish applying the oil, wash your hair in a healthy way, taking into account choosing a preferred type of shampoo that is suitable for the natural hair and is free of chemicals that cause dryness or breakage.

Homemade balm:

Use a conditioner consisting of mayonnaise, eggs, honey and yogurt that helps moisturize the hair and add a strong shine to it and durability that makes it unaffected by weather factors.

healthy food:

Eat appropriate quantities of healthy foods rich in vitamins that provide the body with strength, and help to lengthen and strengthen the hair and give it a silky texture. Also, drinking water is one of the basics in fixing everything.

distance from heat:

Staying away from the heat In order to avoid burning and damaging the hair from the severity of the heat, especially in the summer, it is preferable to stay away permanently from exposure to heat

Air dry:

Enjoy drying your hair in the air to make it more healthy and really soft, also it is preferable that you start combing the hair after it dries well.

Egg and yogurt hair mask
Egg and yogurt hair mask
hair care
hair care


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