Do you like red flowers or sunflowers.. Know your characteristics from your favorite flower

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Some may prefer to buy a bouquet of flowers when visiting a friend at home or in the hospital, and when choosing a bouquet he may not realize that each flower he chooses expresses one of his characteristics, and for this we review in the following report the colors of flowers and what they say about the personal qualities of their lovers, according to what site mentionedapartmenttherapy“.

Know your personal qualities from your favorite flower

red flowers

The red flower symbolizes love, the white roses mean purity, innocence, reverence and silence, the yellow roses symbolize new beginnings, joy and friendship, the orange roses symbolize desire and enthusiasm, and the coral roses symbolize friendship, humility and sympathy..

Lavender flowers refer to love at first sight, and whoever prefers to buy the colors of these flowers is a classic and elegant person who is good at dealing with those around him.


Lily Flower

Tulips represent love and fame, red lilies represent love, yellow tulips are said to mean a sunrise-like smile, purple tulips symbolize royalty, white tulips symbolize merit and tolerance, variegated tulips represent beautiful eyes, and choosing a lily flower indicates that he is a confident person. Himself and his style with those around him is affected by his mood.

Different types of flowers
Different types of flowers

chrysanthemum flower

Daisies represent innocence, hope, purity, and denote joy, and whoever prefers them is an optimistic person who finds good in any bad situation and prefers to sleep early and wake up in the morning.

Your personality traits and your favorite flower
Your personality traits and your favorite flower

Lilac flower

The purple lilac symbolizes first love, while the white lilac symbolizes humility and innocence, and whoever prefers this flower is someone who always feels nostalgic and prefers to wander around antique stores.

Narcissus flower

Daffodils are popular flowers and symbolize respect for a person or friendship, and whoever prefers them is a fun person and puts his friends and family first in his life.


And the person who prefers sunflowers is active and eager to form new friendships, and is optimistic all the time.

carnation flower

The person who prefers the carnation flower is modest, possesses many different moods, and is simple in his dealings with those around him.


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