4 easy steps at home that will help you color your eyebrows.. for an attractive look

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White hair is one of the reasons for the annoyance of many girls, although there are many reasons that cause its appearance and it is known that it appears strongly in the scalp, but some complain about its appearance in the eyebrow, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines the best way to color the white hair in the eyebrow according to As stated on stylecraze

Easy steps to get rid of white hair in the eyebrow

Temporary dye application:

Temporary dye is one of the solutions that eliminates white hair in the eyebrows. It can be placed in a mascara box so that the mascara brush is used to color the hair roots. It may have many negatives and positives. It is easy, simple and quick to prepare.

Plain hair dye:

Eyebrows are known to be colored with regular hair dye, so you can dye your eyebrows by a hairdresser in a salon, or you can simply apply this stage to yourself at your home.

Pros and cons of using regular eyebrow dye:

The application is difficult, you need to be very careful while applying it

It gives a look that enhances your natural beauty and lasts for long periods of more than a month

It can smudge the face or cause it to appear inappropriate if you are not a professional

Eyebrow coloring steps:

Step 1

Start by cleaning your eyebrows in a good way, cleaning without the need for washing. Use a piece of cotton and dip it in lukewarm water, then wipe the eyebrow, then dry the eyebrows and the surrounding area.

Step 2:

Apply Vaseline (Vaseline is absolutely the perfect choice) well on the skin around your eyebrows, and it is preferable to be careful not to touch the eyebrow hairs, also this stage is important so as not to stain your skin during the process when applying the dye

Step 3

Put on the disposable plastic gloves before you start applying the dye

Step 4

Read the attached instructions so as not to make a mistake or leave any stage, then apply the dye to your eyebrows with a mascara stick, then wait for some time until you get the color, then rinse it with cold water

Steps to color eyebrows at home
Steps to color eyebrows at home


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