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There is no way to confront societal violence except by applying the most deterrent penalties

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publish date 2023-07-06 11:12:19

She stressed that the application of the provisions of Islamic law is the way to reduce murders

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The educational expert, Bushra Arabiyat, confirmed in her statements to “compass“There is no way to confront the societal violence that is prevalent these days and the accompanying suicides and traffic accidents caused by negligence and indifference, and the resulting killing and loss of life, except by the strict application of the law and the imposition of the most severe penalties on anyone who assaults the innocent human soul by killing.

Arabiyat said: Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear or read about a painful accident that claimed the lives of one or more people. My day, crimes were strange to society, but unfortunately I am afraid that we will get used to them as a result of their recurrence, because scenes of violence in general have become familiar because of their repetition in the news on different satellite channels, and therefore murders may become familiar, God forbid of course.

The educational expert asked: What are the reasons that drive a person to kill himself or a member of his family, or any other person with whom there is a rivalry? And who gave a person the right to end the life of any person in this life? It is necessary to analyze what is happening in detail, and it must be noted that the non-implementation of the death penalty contributed to an increase in the number of cases of violence leading to the loss of a person’s life. It is a great calamity for the husband to kill the wife or the children – or vice versa when the murderer is the mother. Why? Why has the state of society reached this degree of loss?

Mental disorders and educational qualification

She pointed out that there is no doubt that most of those who do these jobs are not educated, or perhaps one of them suffers from a disturbed psychological condition, which the parents hide when they want to ask for marriage from one of the families, and thus the family is established on the basis of fraud and deception, whether the young man or the girl is from He suffers from psychological disorders and abnormal behaviors, because our society has not yet risen to telling the truth, so the mother sees her son as ideal and she knows that in reality he is not fit to be a husband or a father. The brink of a cliff, which necessarily leads to the collapse of the family, even after a while, but the collapse of the family structure through separation is much easier than what happens from murders that cause shame, the murderer or the murdered of one of the parents, which results in children who are psychologically and socially abnormal, and this is contrary to the law of the Lord worlds when marriage was legalized.

Arabiyat: The scenes of violence presented by modern technology affect children and adults alike and exacerbate the problem

Arabiyat said: It gets worse when a woman kills her sister or her children. What kind of heart do you have to dare to do this? The same applies to someone who throws himself off a certain bridge, who gave him the authority to end his life? All the negative behaviors that happen are necessarily related to the method of education, yes education, because in front of schools we see fights between young students – from the age of ten years – and sometimes gangs of students are formed, and there is no one to deter these behaviors because what happens outside the walls of the school It is not the prerogative of teachers or the administration, and here I wonder if someone does not play his role less than two meters away from the school campus. If he does not want to intervene at the same time, let him play his role as an educator and teacher within the walls of the school, so that the volume of societal violence that arises with the child does not increase since The softness of his nails.

And she added, “It is also necessary to refer to the scenes of violence that young and old are exposed to through technology, and there is no one who follows or monitors the content they are exposed to, and here the concept of blind imitation emerges, which pushes those who follow scenes of crime and violence to apply what they follow without thinking.” Thus, the concept of societal violence comes to the fore strongly.

Arabiyat concluded her speech by saying: In conclusion, the law and the most severe penalties must be applied to anyone who kills an innocent person, and we must remember that one of the simplest human rights is the right to life, and that whoever takes away this right deserves execution, and that following Islamic law is the solution to reduce these crimes that occur. It became part of the daily news, like the weather forecast.

Incidents shook Jordanian society during the holiday

The blessed Eid Al-Adha period witnessed a number of incidents and violence that shook society, especially since it was between members of the same family, as a woman killed her sister, in another a man killed his son, another kills his wife, and a young man ends his life by suicide.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the security services thwarted a young man’s attempt to end his life by committing suicide from Abdoun Bridge, which were repeated incidents during the past days and months, claiming the lives of many Jordanian youth.

It is noteworthy that the increase in suicide attempts in Jordan raises the alarm for all concerned and stakeholders to find out the reasons and motives and study them in depth to prevent recurrence and limit their occurrence, according to observers.

Increase in homicides in 2022

The number of murders in 2022 rose to 118, an increase of 14 crimes from those recorded in 2021 in Jordan, according to data from the National Center for Forensic Medicine. On the other hand, suicides decreased in Jordan last year to 145, down from 167 in 2021.

The director of the National Center for Forensic Medicine, Dr. Majed Al-Shamayleh, said that last year the murders claimed the lives of 28 women and seven children, the youngest of whom was an infant under the age of one year and eight months.

Among the 145 cases of suicide, 36 girls/women committed suicide, in addition to three children at the age of ten who ended their lives by hanging.

The means of suicide were hanging (86), jumping from a height (17), using a firearm (17), drug poisoning (8), using insecticides (6), burning (4), gas inhalation (3), inhalation of chemicals, self-stabbing and drowning. And a drug overdose and cut off oxygen.

Homicides were concentrated in Amman (50) and Irbid (29); The densest population among the twelve provinces.

called dr. Al-Shamayleh called for building a database and conducting surveys to measure crime trends and suicide motives in Jordan, especially with the acceleration of demographic change.


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