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25 thousand people work to deliver restaurant orders in Jordan

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publish date 2023-07-06 19:45:57

On Thursday, Minister of Digital Economy Ahmed Al-Hananda said that digital transformation has created new jobs and there is no fear of job cuts, but there will be a new form for the new titles.

Al-Hananda added, to Al-Mamlaka, that nearly 25,000 people deliver restaurant orders to homes.

In response to the Kingdom’s question about the possibility of having comprehensive service centers through which citizens can apply to conduct their digital transactions, Hanandeh said that the ministry has established a comprehensive services center in the Mqableen area, and soon a center will be established in Irbid, the airport and Aqaba governorate, and a comprehensive service center will also be established soon in the governorate of Aqaba. Jerash.

He pointed out that 16 comprehensive service centers will be established in Jordan, explaining that the ministry is working on granting licenses to companies, especially for electronic services.

He pointed out that 90% of phone users use smart phones that enable them to obtain electronic services, explaining that knowledge stations help citizens to obtain electronic services.

Al-Hananda stressed that the government seeks to increase schools, not close them. But there are online platforms for learning.

Al-Hananda added that the Greater Jerash Municipality is the highest municipality among the municipalities in the percentage of citizens’ input into the digital transformation.

Today, Hanandeh launched the first phase of the digital transformation of the Greater Jerash Municipality to facilitate citizens and improve the quality of services provided to them, as the municipality completed the digital transformation of 19 out of 45 services.

Al-Hananda said that the digital transformation project took a great effort from the Ministry of Digital Economy, as a group of employees of the Ministry of Digital Economy worked with the municipality of Jerash.

And he indicated that the ministry is ready to provide all forms of support and devices necessary for the municipality to complete the digital transformation project after conducting the necessary studies.

The head of the Greater Jerash Municipality, Ahmed Al-Atoum, said that the percentage of citizens’ transactions from March 8 to June 30 of this year amounted to about 1144 digital transactions.

Regarding the digital services provided by the municipality, Al-Atoum explained that the municipality provides 19 electronic services, which are “a request to attest a lease contract, installment of building fees, revenues and rents of municipal property, service of complaints and proposals, maintenance and public services, licensing communication towers, requests for construction works, and the issuance of dog food.” Issuance of an organizational site plan, a financial discharge on the property, a request for refunding insurance, permits for contractors, a request for issuing pavement certificates, a permit for circus tents and Ramadan tents, sidewalk maintenance, the construction of traffic intersections, the construction of pedestrian paths, a permit for the sale of sacrifices, and the removal of aspects of traffic obstruction. , street straightening and pavement width, excavation permits, site clean-up permits, landfill removal, and burial of the dead.

He added that the digital transformation of the Greater Jerash Municipality makes it easier for citizens to obtain the service provided by the municipality and reduces human intervention in conducting transactions to make them more easy and convenient.

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