Your tongue is your horse.. An energy science expert warns of the month of July: Don’t talk too much

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With the beginning of July this summer month, the temperatures rise, and the people of Cancer celebrate their birthdays until July 22, then the people of Leo celebrate their birthdays. Energy and horoscope expert Eman Khair explained in her interview with “The Seventh Day” that everyone should pay attention to themselves during July, stressing that the science of energy has a significant impact on their anger and emotional stability during this month.

month 7

An energy science expert warns of the month of July: Your emotions are calculated and don’t talk too much

The energy and horoscope expert said that it is necessary to be careful when talking, and it is preferable to reduce speech as much as possible, explaining that “your tongue is your horse.” Some ordinary words may turn into a crisis, or exaggerated emotions may come from you, and she added that the energy of the month of July does not joke with us and everyone is equal. No matter how much a person has control over his emotions, he may be exposed to pressure that excites him and causes his anger greatly, so it is preferable to reduce talking and side conversations under any circumstances as much as possible.

July month
July month

Do not fall into the circle of provocation

And she added that the energy of the place in this month is very influential, as it may fall into provocation as a result of situations that never call for that, and she continued: “Please think instead of the ten times before you say a word, even if it is a joke, the energy of purifications is very strong, and what do you know about the power of purifications?”



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