How do you know your child’s IQ? 6 indicators help you measure it

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There are a lot of behaviors that the child performs and the parents consider them to be wrong behavior, and some may also describe them as stupid, although these situations may prove the exact opposite and that he possesses intelligence that no one possesses, and for example, you may suffer with your child that he is talkative and talkative, Some criticize that it interferes with the speech of adults, but it is quite the opposite, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some signs indicating that your child has a level of intelligence that may exceed normal, according to what was published by the “learningliftoff” website.

Child rearing

excellent memory

There are many children who have a special memory, which helps them learn more new information daily, whether at home, school or in life in general, and according to psychologist and author Tracy Packiam Alway, “working memory is associated not only with learning, but also decision-making in daily activities.” Studies show that children who have good memories are also better at lying and writing.

Early reading skills

Highly intelligent children begin reading before the age of four, while most children are closer to the age of six or seven before they reach this milestone. There are many stages to reading, and children must learn to recognize and understand words before they can begin to read on their own. He may discover Some children enjoy reading later in life, but once they start reading, the bright kids are often addicted.

Children's intelligence
Children’s intelligence


According to Harvard Business Review, “Curiosity is as important as intelligence,” and having an inquisitive mind is a good indicator of success. Children who ask a lot of questions show an innate desire to learn, and look for learning opportunities wherever they are. They develop their minds and intellect.


Intelligent children have a sense of humor better than normal children, because they have quick wit, the ability to install funny situations, and create a different atmosphere. Psychologists have advised, saying: “Do not underestimate your child’s sense of humor; it can be a sign of greatness.”

iq rate
iq rate

Sets high standards

Intelligent children tend to set high standards for themselves, and they always have an instinctive need to improve and do better in areas that interest them. This drive also helps them learn new skills and school subjects to the best of their ability. Excessive focus in specific areas of interest can also be a sign of a high GPA. intelligence.

chatting with adults

Gifted children are often described as young adults because of their early maturity, increased awareness of current events, and tendency to chat with adults rather than other children. A particularly bright child might be someone who talks to adults at a birthday party instead of playing with other children. Enjoys conversation and conversing on a variety of topics.


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