7 types of toxic friends stay away from them.. You won’t benefit from their friendship

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A person cannot live in life alone, so he searches for a friend who shares the details of his life and cooperates with him in good times and bad, and he is like a brother whose mother did not give birth to him, but sometimes a person makes a mistake in choosing his friends to be surprised with the passage of time that he befriends toxic people, who destroy his life and do not wish He has good and affects him negatively all the time, and toxic friends are types that we review in this report, according to what was mentioned by the “” pinkvilla“.

Types of Semitic Friends

He just takes

There is a type of toxic friend known as the “beneficiary”, or who aims all the time to benefit from his friend, whether by obtaining compensation or services and other various benefits that keep him next to him all the time.

Types of Semitic Friends


The other type of toxic friend is the bossy, who deliberately all the time issuing orders to his friends and asking them to implement them, otherwise he will get angry with them, and the bossy usually hates that his friends ask him about the reasons for his orders because he does not have a logical answer for them.

Supreme Friends
Toxic friends

King of Drama

The other type is known as the “king of drama”, who always wants to be the center of attention around him, whether during his participation in an entertainment trip or his invitation to a wedding.

Toxic girlfriend
Toxic girlfriend


These toxic friends love to talk about other people behind their backs, they like to share their secrets with their friends, and they share their friends’ secrets too.

The remorseful and the grumpy

The other type of toxic friend is one who regrets all the time about what he missed and complains about the present, and is likely to regret what he is doing now in the future.

Jealous friend

A jealous friend who compares himself all the time to his friends and tries to sabotage their success is also a toxic friend who should be avoided.

energy vampire

The other type of toxic friend is the sucker of positive energy in others, as he works all the time to drain the energy of those around him by broadcasting his negative energy to them and also wasting their energy in useless discussions.


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