4 sentences that Cancer does not like to hear.. You will lose it and you will not be able to win it again

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A Cancer baby is characterized by many characteristics that distinguish him from all other constellations, including excessive sensitivity that makes him affected by any word he hears, so care must be taken when dealing with him, and choosing words when talking to him or discussing him on any topic, and to maintain and continue the relationship with him we review In this report, there are some sentences that Cancer does not like to hear, according to the website timesofindia. indiatimes.

Phrases that Cancer does not like to hear

Why are you so interested?

When a Cancer man falls in love, he cares a lot about the lover and contains him all the time, which causes the other party to annoy him because of his excessive interest in him, so he does not prefer to ask him a question, “Why are you so interested?”, Because his interest is an expression of his love that he is waiting to receive. In return, the same interest, so he gets angry with the lover when he asks him this question.

Phrases that make you lose a Cancer

Don’t be so sensitive

A Cancer person is keen all the time to deny his excessive sensitivity, and is always isolated from others when he feels sad so that no one can see him, so he gets very angry when he discovers that someone felt sensitive.

Camel angers Cancer
Camel angers Cancer

Do you have to see your family every week?

The family occupies a high position for Cancer, who is keen to protect and take care of them all the time, and feels overwhelming happiness when approaching them, so he does not like anyone to make him feel that he is extra interested in them, or interfere in his relationship with his family, or ask him to reduce his love for them.

Phrases that Cancer does not like to hear
Phrases that Cancer does not like to hear

Don’t play with me

A Cancer person is characterized by honesty in his feelings, as he cannot deceive anyone with his love for him or pretend to be the opposite of his feelings, so when he is misunderstood and does not appreciate his love, he feels very sad because of the care and love he gave to someone who believed in the end that Cancer was manipulating all the time. With it, what makes the latter reveal his interest and love.


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