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The Central Bank launches the electronic documentation system for the financial and banking sector

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publish date 2023-07-05 15:37:39

Today, Wednesday, the Central Bank of Jordan launched the electronic documentation system for the financial and banking sector, which is considered a major event on the map of developing the two sectors and an important milestone for the digital transformation of financial and banking transactions in the Kingdom.
The system aims to provide the necessary infrastructure for issuing and managing electronic authentication certificates and employing them in electronic signature processes for financial and banking transactions exchanged between various parties and in accordance with the legislation in force in the Kingdom, so that the central bank becomes an official electronic authentication body in the Kingdom working to serve the national economy and the financial and banking system in particular. selection.
The launch of this system came in implementation of the vision of economic modernization and based on the Central Bank of Jordan’s keenness to create a safe and effective payment environment to enhance financial inclusion, protect the rights of the financial consumer, encourage innovation and develop work in the field of secure financial technology.
The launch of this system also comes in line with the objectives and axes of the National Strategy for Electronic Payments (2023-2025) announced by the Central Bank last February, which is in line with the National Strategy for Digital Transformation for the years (2021-2025).
This system embodies the frameworks of cooperation and integration between state institutions and the national efforts aimed at developing an infrastructure that allows institutions and companies to implement digital transformation plans and conduct transactions in a fully automated manner, represented by the efforts of the Ministry of Digital Economy and leadership that expanded the employment of the national electronic documentation system to support national digital transformation plans and the wheel of innovation. leadership in the Kingdom.
And the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan, Dr. Adel Al-Sharkas, stated that providing the infrastructure for the financial and banking sector with this system would raise levels of confidence and security in digital financial and banking operations and support the transition to a comprehensive and advanced digital economy in the Kingdom.
He explained that this reflects positively on enhancing the confidence of the financial consumer in the national financial and banking system and raises the rates of financial inclusion by increasing the demand for using digital channels in a sustainable manner and reaching wider segments of society within the scope of inclusiveness, in addition to promoting building and developing new and innovative business models that meet The needs and desires of the financial consumer, noting that the umbrella of services that will be supported by the electronic documentation system for the financial and banking sector will include all financial and banking sectors such as banks, payment, insurance, financing and exchange companies.
Al-Sharkas emphasized that this system is based on the latest equipment and technologies within a secure environment with high availability to provide the highest levels of accuracy and integration to protect the confidentiality of financial and banking transactions. To provide an appropriate environment for the advancement of financial technologies and their innovations and to develop the ability of the financial and banking sector to provide distinguished digital services.

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