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Tender for the installation of solar heaters for the homes of poor families

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publish date 2023-07-05 11:00:27

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources announced the issuance of a tender for the supply, installation and operation of solar heater systems for the homes of poor families in the south, north and center regions.

Rasmi Hamza, Director of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, said that the tender includes 400 homes for each region, and that copies of the invitation to bid will be sold electronically through the ministry’s website, Memr.gov.jo, starting from tomorrow, Thursday, until Thursday, 13/ 7/2023 at one o’clock in the afternoon.

He added that the deadline for receiving inquiries is by e-mail [email protected] And [email protected] It will be on Tuesday 7/18/2023, while the Ministry has set the last date for submitting offers at twelve noon on Thursday 7/27/2023.

And he indicated that the price of a copy of the bid is 125 non-refundable dinars, paid electronically through the application (i.e. Fawateercom), provided that the submitted price offer is accompanied by an entry security for the bid in the form of a bank guarantee or a certified check issued by a local bank in the name of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources in addition to his job, and it remains valid for a period 120 days from the date specified as the last date for submitting offers.

He explained that the tenderer is required to have a license in the field of electromechanics (mechanical specialization) in the second or third category according to a valid classification certificate issued by the department and companies with specialization in solar heater systems according to the company’s registration certificate approved by the Renewable Energy Promotion and Energy Conservation Fund.


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