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“Islamic Action” congratulates the people of Palestine on the victory of the resistance and repelling the aggression on Jenin

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publish date 2023-07-05 13:10:33

What happened in Jenin camp is a slap in the face of the occupation and an affirmation of the popular adherence to the resistance

The Islamic Action Front party presented the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance with congratulations and pride in the qualitative victory it achieved over the Zionist enemy, and the response of its brutal aggression against the steadfast Jenin camp.

The party said in a statement received by the “compass” that this victory achieved by the Palestinian resistance, with the support and backing of its popular incubator on behalf of the entire nation, and in defense of its sanctities and dignity on the path of liberation, is considered a turning point in the history of the conflict, as the enemy returned to dragging the tails of disappointment and refraction after it failed In storming the Jenin camp, whose area does not exceed 1 square kilometer, despite the occupation’s mobilization of thousands of its soldiers, supported by tanks, warplanes, and armored vehicles, the practice of war crimes against the camp’s residents, including killing and demolishing homes and displacing its residents, and its admission of defeat and failure, which made the resistance the upper hand, in the equation of conflict and the making of an equation A new deterrence with this treacherous occupation, and a slap in the face to his allies and those rushing towards normalization with him.

He pointed out that this great scene created by the resistance in the Jenin camp confirms the adherence of the Palestinian people to the choice of resistance in the face of the occupation and heralds the fulfillment of God Almighty’s promise to liberate Palestine and restore the nation’s honor and sanctities, which requires the entire nation to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their resistance to the occupation by various available means within The liberation project for all of Palestine, whose stages have begun on the ground.


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