How do you tell someone not to love him without embarrassing him and helping him accept rejection?

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Feelings of love are among the highest feelings that a person may feel, and the most beautiful thing is that the love is mutual without any falsification or courtesy, and there are some emotional relationships that end after a period of time, and some may not love the other party in the first place and want to tell him the truth of his feelings, but no He knows the correct way to do that without hurting the other party, and there are some tips that help in overcoming the obstacle of fear of telling the other party about unrequited feelings, and to know these tips, you can follow the following report, according to the “”verywellmind“.

Romantic relationship

How do you tell a person that you have stopped loving him?

You must be sure of what you want

A person must decide before anything what he wants, after a long time of thinking, before making any decision so that he does not regret it later. He may be annoyed by a quarrel that took place between him and his partner. The matter is at a dead end after it is no longer in contact between the two parties or the situation has changed between them.

Talk about the change in feelings you are feeling

Love may come at first sight between the two parties and increase with the passage of time, and after a period it may decrease or extinguish, and the person may feel a lack of interest in the other party, and for this you must talk to him in the first place about the change in feelings that occurred, which may happen in building the relationship again and reviving feelings Or vice versa, when feelings of love are denied at the first quarrel.

Communicate feelings nicely

After talking with the other party and informing him of the fears he feels and the changing feelings, the feelings of dissatisfaction may continue, which means that the person does not feel any feelings and therefore the person must clearly inform the other party of his feelings, while avoiding blaming the changed feelings, while talking about the feelings with all Be honest, but in a nice and friendly manner without embarrassing the other party.

one sided love (1)

one sided love

How do you tell someone that you don’t share feelings?

As for when the person is basically not exchanging any romantic feelings for the person in front of him, this is why he must be told before entering into any relationship and must be cut off before the feelings deepen.

This can be done in simple steps


When a person admits that he does not love or reject a person’s romantic relationship, he should tell him so kindly, while showing sincere feelings of appreciation because the other party has those beautiful feelings even though he does not reciprocate those feelings.

to praise

The person should look for some positive qualities in the other party and praise him, by talking about good looks or good thinking with other features and this is done moderately.

Honesty and clarity

After clarifying appreciation and gentle praise on the other side, then comes the gentle refusal of the feelings, but sincerely so that the words reach easily, and to tell the person that he does not feel the same feelings towards the other party, so that he does not have hope for those feelings.

one sided love (2)
one sided love


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